Maher Animal Hospital
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Our family will take care of your family

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Our family will take care of your family

Maher Animal Hospital was founded in 1982. We are primarily a small animal hospital and boarding facility. We are a local, family-oriented hospital where we treat your pets like they are our own. We are committed to giving your pets the best possible care.

We believe in preventative dental care and provide ultrasonic teeth cleanings, teeth extractions, and similar services. Maher Animal Hospital’s ultrasonic scalar is a great benefit to our dental suite. Other benefits of our dental suite include the removal of dangerous tartar that can cause liver and kidney disease later in your pet’s life. Yearly dental exams may increase the life span of your pet tremendously. Schedule a dental examination and cleaning with one of our friendly staff members today!

Our radiology services allow us to perform x-rays and to evaluate them here in our hospital, within minutes. This allows us to quickly diagnose those issues that require an x-ray; broken bones, objects lodged or any other need for an x-ray.

We perform a wide variety of surgeries, from routine spays and neuters to many soft tissue and emergency procedures. We have several anesthetic protocols and select medications specifically for each patient. Our hospital has the ability to perform blood work prior to surgery to insure your pet does not have any unseen conditions. Contact our hospital today to schedule your pet’s surgery.

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